• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Tanker explosion at Kaase in Kumasi


Jan 22, 2022 ,

A tanker detonated a few hours after the Bogoso explosion, according to a report from Kaase, a Kumasi suburb.

According to reports, a tanker exploded near Kaase, Kumasi, creating a fire. The impacted region is thought to be a hideout for people involved in illegal fuel siphoning.

Some people were using jugs to siphon fuel from the tanker at a hideout when it caught fire, according to eyewitnesses.

Despite the unfortunate tragedy that occurred at Bogoso in the Western Region, several villagers were seen moving closer to record the burning tanker in photographs that have surfaced on social media. Firefighters were seen attempting to extinguish the blaze.

The Fire Service Command is seeking police assistance to stop unlawful fuel siphoning in the area. There have been no reported casualties, although a number of families have been affected.

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