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Terrified taxi driver narrates how he accidentally picked a ghost


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A taxi driver recounted a bizarre incident in which he was mistakenly picked a ghost.

The strange man was picked up from Abelemkpe and his destination was Lapaz, also in Accra, according to the taxi driver, but the man vanished despite travelling through a highway that was devoid of any type of traffic.

Sharing the the terrifying experience, he wrote on Facebook:

I am a taxi driver. I have been a taxi driver for 15 years but yesterday was the scariest night of my entire life.
It was 11pm and I was rounding up for the night and getting ready to go home to a warm bath and some good night sleep. I was just driving casually past an old hotel when I saw a lady by the side of the road waving at me to stop. Initially, I wanted to zoom past since I really didn’t feel like picking any more passengers but on second thought, I pulled over and leaned.
“Where are you headed?” I asked.
“Dimsdale Avenue. Off Wart street” she answered flatly. I knew the place. It was a few blocks from where I usually stopped to buy gas. I noticed the girl looked odd. She was dressed casually in blue jeans and a white tank top but something was off about her. I couldn’t place it. It was just there. Licking at my subconscious.

I signaled for her to get in and we drove off. Every few seconds, I glanced at her through the rearview mirror, taking in her demeanor. She was looking out the car window, arms folded like she was cold and face an expression of excruciating sadness. The hair on her head was jet black and matted across her forehead. The more I stole glances at her, the more I realized what it was about her that made me so uncomfortable initially.

Her skin.

Her skin didn’t look right. It looked clammy and colorless. It looked unhealthy.

“Why are you staring at me?” Her words caught me off guard. She was looking at me directly through the rearview mirror now.
“Oh…em..em, I am sorry about that. I didn’t mean to….come off as rude” I managed an awkward chuckle and kept my eyes glued on the road.
“You haven’t answered my question.” She continued calmly “Is there something about me that bothers you?”
I paused for a second. Ofcourse I could shut down this conversation with an outright denial but she was staring at me way too intensely through the rearview mirror and that was when I saw it. Her eyes. Her eyes looked funny.

“You don’t seem…er….er..well,You don’t seem okay to me” I started uncomfortably.
“What does that mean?”
“What’s with your skin?”
She looked at it all over drily.
“What’s with it?” I could detect a hint of aggression in the tone of her voice.
“It looks unhealthy miss. I mean, I could mind my business but you insisted I tell you why I was staring”

Our eyes met through the rearview again and my skin crawled instantly. Her skin was funny looking but damn! Those eyes just weren’t natural.
Thank goodness, we were almost close to Dimsdale Avenue. I was having a really creepy feeling about the whole ride.

“How much?” She asked suddenly again.
“Don’t worry” I replied, applying the break and stopping just off wart street. “My home is a few blocks away and I was about retiring for the night anyway. Would have still driven through this path”
Then she did something that sent shivers through my spine.

“Thank you Wilson” she said flatly. I spun around sharply.
“How the hell do you know my name???”
She smiled
And that was when my eyes widened with terror.

She had no teeth and the insides of her mouth were as black as death.

“Next time you carry a corpse, learn to mind your business. You don’t want to piss a dead woman off”

And she opened the door and walked out.

Then it dawned on me just as I was shitting in my pants. Behind wart street was a graveyard and 2 days ago, a girl had been found dead there. She had on blue denim jeans and a white tank top.

Credit: Cold Flames

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