• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Ameri plant transfer to Kumasi is good but don’t politicize it – Energy Analyst

An energy analyst, Kwame Jantuah, has urged legislators not to politicize the government’s takeover of the 250-megawatt Ameri power plant and its subsequent relocation to Kumasi. The move, he claims, is a country strategy to deal with electricity generation rather than an Ashanti regional one.

He stated that, while the move is excellent, the media must play a critical role in preventing politicians from politicizing it and diminishing its relevance to the country.

“I think it’s a good thing if we have producing facilities strewn about to ensure that we have steady power….but we must be careful not to politicize this.”

“This is not an Ashanti plan; it is a country strategy.” If you politicize it, the NPP would claim that you brought Ameri to Ashanti, but who brought Ameri?

“I think the media has a major responsibility here,” he added. “Any politician who attempts to politicize this, you (the media) have to halt them in their tracks because this is a strategic decision, not a political move.”

Mr. Jantuah expressed concern about what appears to be a lack of sufficient planning for the Ameri Power plant’s optimal operationalization when it comes in Kumasi.

“Have we put in place the gas infrastructure before moving the plant to Kumasi, because Ameri runs on gas?” You’d think that by the time the plant arrived in Kumasi, the gas infrastructure would already be in place. This implies we’ll have to hold our breath until it happens.”

“The most essential aspect of this is the expense,” he continued. It would be beneficial for the government to disclose how much it cost to relocate the plant from Aboadzi to Kumasi, as well as how much it will cost to install gas infrastructure, so that there will be no problems in the end.”

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