• Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Ghanaians should be properly educated on the dangers associated with explosives – Theophilus Dzimega

Theophilus Dzimega, a mining engineer and lawyer, has stated that people need more education and awareness about the dangers of explosives and other compulsive materials.

He made this statement in light of the recent explosion in Appietse, in the Western area, which resulted in the deaths of many people.

“We as a nation and the mining industry have not educated our people on the dangers associated with explosives and other compulsive materials,” he said on the GTV Breakfast show, “so you’ll see a fuel tanker traveling and see motorcycles around it overtaking anyhow, if we had proper education and sensitization, people would know what to do.”

He feels the mining industry faces a significant challenge in producing a report on the catastrophe and determining how to avoid a repeat.

He also stated that the business delivering the explosives should have taken the necessary precautions and conducted a risk assessment to guarantee that the communities they pass through are not in any way harmed.

“However, they should have done their own risk assessment to identify the risk connected with transferring the explosive from their place of manufacture to their point of delivery as a corporation.”

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