• Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

OV breaks silence on ‘Drug Addict’ claims

The Ghanaian multi-talented artist, OV, has finally broken silence about rumors that she is a drug addict.

In a recent interview on Accra FM’s “Entertainment Capital,” presented by Nana Romeo on Saturday, the former MTN Hitmaker winner discussed why she had to take a hiatus from music at a certain point in her career.

As most of you are aware, Ov, whose official name is Naa Okailey Nyarko, was formerly signed to Ghanaian Dancehall recording singer Stonebwoy’s Burniton Music Group record label, but the two split ways due to a misunderstanding.

Stonwbwoy to bring back OV
Stonebwoy and OV

Soon after parting ways with Stonebwoy, OV dropped a few tracks and vanished from the music world; months later, a photo of her appeared online, showing her looking ill and dejected.

Many social media users assumed she was on drugs and couldn’t control herself, which sparked a lot of varied opinions online.

In a recent interview with Nana Romie, the singer disputed all claims that she is an addict, which she claimed was the reason for her hiatus before returning.

OV, who introduced herself to fans as a rasta girl, gave an unexpected response when asked if she smokes or not when asked by the host.

She responded by saying that many rastas smoke and that she is not opposed to smoking but does not sniff.

When asked why she took a year and a half off from music, she explained that she had some personal issues that were preventing her from focusing on music and that she needed to take a step back and deal with them before returning to music, which she did.

She claims she has heard and read a lot of rumors about her, including that she is on strong drugs, which she finds amusing and laughs at.

She subsequently debunked all such rumors, claiming that there was not a shred of truth in them because many of those who said them had no concept what she had to go through or endure while she was away.

OV has a new song called “Blessings & Lessons” that she is presently promoting. According to her, the song has a lot of vibrations as she addresses some of the topics and questions that fans have been expecting her to address, and she encourages listeners to go stream it.

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