• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Don’t change MPs like shirts, allow them to mature in parliament – Alban Bagbin

Instead of voting out Members of Parliament every four years, Speaker Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin has recommended Ghanaian electorates to allow them to get appropriate experience in the workings of the House.

The Speaker of Parliament, speaking at this year’s Commonwealth Parliamentary Association workshop on “Effective parliamentary scrutiny, gender sensitivity, and complexity” highlighted that frequent changes of parliamentarians make them unable to contribute significantly to the development of their particular constituencies.

As a result, Mr. Alban Bagbin pleaded with voters to give their MPs ample time in office to ensure steady growth in their districts.

“Monkeys play by sizes in this game.” Allowing elected Members of Parliament to mature in Parliament is a good and proper thing to do. You can’t expect to reap high results if you constantly changing your members of Parliament like clothing.

“You must allow them time to grow in order for them to be able to deliver the returns that you want,” Bagbin stated.

He also took the opportunity to urge Members of Parliament to make consultation a top priority.

He claimed that this would help the country flourish.

“The only solution is for the two sides to discuss and talk with each other, to cooperate, compromise, and collaborate to create consensus,” Bagbin continued. “This is an imperative put on us political leaders by the people of Ghana; we have no choice.”

The controversial 1.75 percent Electronic Levy currently before Parliament has already split Parliament, and when the House reconvenes on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, it is expected to be one of the issues that will be reviewed, especially because the administration is dead set on getting it passed.

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