• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Appietse Explosion: We are still gathering data – Municipal Works Engineer

The Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Works Engineer say the assembly is currently gathering data to determine the number of dwellings affected by the Appietse, near Bogoso, explosion on January 20.

According to Engineer Kojo Scott, the data will aid in determining the number of families and the types of structures that the State Housing Company should construct for them.

Engineer Scott told the media, that once the data is in place, the location can be cleared for work to begin after EPA approval.

“We’ll start designing the land and zoning it,” he stated. We’ve already completed some design samples (one-bedroom, two-bedroom). According to the information we’ve got on the site, the majority of the facilities have one or two bedrooms, so that’s what we’ve done.”

The land can be cleared for construction after the Environmental Protection Agency gets its approval, he said.

Meanwhile, a 19-member committee has been formed to manage the donations that continue to pour in to help the victims.

The team, led by Municipal Chief Executive Dr. Isaac Dasmani, will guarantee that funds are distributed smoothly to the victims.

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