• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

E-Levy: Party interests cause of standoff – Political Analyst

Dr. Isaac Brako, a political analyst, has stated that the current debate over the e-levy by the majority and minority caucuses of Parliament is dominated by party interests.

He explained that the minority will continue to oppose the e-levy passage while the majority will press for it. “It’s no surprise that the minority group has a firm stance on the e-levy that is unlikely to change. The current President’s term is set to expire in around three years, and the minority wants former President Mahama to return to power after the 2024 election, and as a party, they would do everything they can to undermine the ruling party’s popularity among Ghanaians.”

According to him, the majority also claims that the e-levy is being implemented in the hopes that the government will be able to fund its development agenda. “So you can see the NDC advising its supporters that the levy should not be passed, while the NPP is telling its supporters that the levy should be passed. As a result, I’m not surprised by the wrangling in Parliament.”

Although Dr. Brako agrees that the e-levy implementation is in the national interest, he believes that party interests come first.

“Both parties want to win elections and will go to any length to achieve this”.

The passage of the e-levy into legislation has caused a rift in Parliament. The Minority has been vocal in its opposition to the 1.75 percent fee, while the Majority is adamant that it be approved.

So far, no deal has been achieved between the two sides, with neither meeting halfway.

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