• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

King Promise finally comment on Baba Sadiq’s ‘disrespectful’ claims and blacklist

Ghanaian highlife and afrobeats singer-songwriter, King Promise has finally responded to charges by Baba Sadiq, CEO of 3Music, that he has blacklisted Promise for disrespecting him.

It will be remembered that Baba Sadiq, the Chief Executive Officer of 3 Music Network, declared a few weeks ago that he had blacklisted Ghanaian musician and songwriter King Promise and his works from being broadcast on his network.

Sadiq, who made the announcement on social media, stated that he will no longer be involved in any dealings with the talented singer, and that there will never be a chance for him to put King Promise on any of his upcoming shows. He also stated that none of his music videos will be aired on his television station.

King Promise, a Legacy Life Entertainment signed musician whose legal name is Gregory Bortey Newman, was scheduled to perform at Sadiq’s The Wildaland festival, but he failed to show up despite prior arrangements.

Sadiq claimed Promise and his management team, lead by Killbeatz, treated him poorly and made it difficult for him to contact Promise for the event.

King Promise has finally responded to Sadiq’s charges, denying all of the CEO of 3Music Network’s claims and claiming that there is no evidence to support Sadiq’s punitive judgement.

He stated that he did nothing illegal and that he wanted to perform at the Wildaland festival, but that he and his crew were unable to reach an arrangement with Sadiq.

In a recent interview with Berla Mundi on TV3’s “The Day Show,” he said, “What he done hasn’t hurt me.” It gets to you when you’ve done something, but I haven’t done anything. I was quite excited to perform at Wildaland. It was lovely, but we couldn’t agree on anything. Sadiq is a vital component of the industry. Even before I blew up, I knew who he was. I haven’t communicated with him in a long time. I had no idea he had an issue with me the previous time he came around,”

“I’m not in the business of pulling things down.” When it comes to a lot of things, we’re already behind. As a result, we cannot encourage divisiveness. I will never, ever talk on anything. Some people are aware that I will not speak on any subject. As a result, they are free to say whatever they want.”

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