• Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

We will pass e-levy and nobody can do anything about it – Nhyeaso MP

Member of Parliament for Nhyeaso in the Ashanti Region, Stephen Amoah has stated that the e-levy, which has been fiercely opposed by the Minority in Parliament, will be passed and that the Minority will be powerless to stop it.

He claims that the Minority has realized the benefits of the levy and is working hard to defeat it since it will bring much-needed development to Ghana and boost the NPP’s popularity.

He maintains that the NPP is in power and would not be swayed by Minority pressure to repeal the fee, which has been met with widespread opposition from voters.

“Whatever they want to do, we will pass it at the appropriate moment, and they will be unable to do so.” We are in government, and if they claim that they will make us unpopular, why won’t they stop because they know that this will transform and change the lives of Ghanaians, that it will reverse the COVID’s consequences, that it will put our fiscal space in the right perspective, and that they are afraid that Ghanaians will continue to build their good will and confidence in this government. In an interview with TV3, he remarked, “Please, we need the e-levy.”

On the argument that the e-levy should be reduced from 1.75 percent to 1 percent of transactions, Stephen Amoah stated that those making that argument have not backed up their claims with data, and that those making that argument should provide the data needed to support calls for the proposed 1.75 percent reduction.

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