• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Abeiku Santana signed as new brand ambassador for aYo MTN

Ghanaian entrepreneur and media figure. Abeiku Santana, also known as Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana, has been selected the new brand ambassador for aYo MTN.

MTN’s micro-insurance company, ‘aYo’ Intermediaries Ghana, provides you with fast, convenient, and easy-to-use insurance straight on your cell phone. Through airtime deduction (Recharge with Care) or when you send MoMo to your family or loved ones, you get hospital and life insurance coverage (Send with Care).

Over the last few years, the aYo Insurance service has paid out over 7.4 million claims to clients who have enrolled in “Recharge with Care,” “Send with Care,” and other insurance products.

At the official signing ceremony in Accra, Mr. Francis Gota, the Chief Executive Officer of aYo Ghana Intermediaries Limited, acknowledged Abeiku Sanatana’s public support for the less fortunate, saying it aligns with the company’s vision and that he is the right person to help champion their course.

He said;

“It is really an honour to have Abeiku Santana on board especially considering your desire to help the less privileged people and contributing to the improved well being, we deem you the right person for this partnership and we remain hopeful of a fruitful outcome,”

Mr. Francis again added. “For us we want to provide a future where everybody uses insurance. So many people have misconceptions about insurance considering the difficulty in getting their claims but our outfit wants to demystify all those misconceptions but leverage on technology to provide easily accessible insurance to everybody,”

The CEO of Kaya Tours Ghana Limited a Ghanaian travel company, Abeiku Sanatana, 44, expressed his excitement over joining and becoming part of the aYo family to help push the agenda of getting more people insured on the aYo insurance scheme.

“I am amazed with the kind of packages aYo has for its customers and very delighted to come on board to push this agenda of getting many people enrolled on the scheme.

“In this digital age to have an insurance product that is easily accessible and so affordable, it is quite remarkable. I am yet to have an insurance policy that cares so much for the low-income earners than aYo and I urge Ghanaians to subscribe to this insurance to secure the future,” he said.

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abeiku santana ayo ambassador

abeiku santana ayo ambassador

abeiku santana ayo ambassador

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