• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

We have spies amongst NPP MPs – Muntaka Mubarak

Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, the Minority Chief Whip, claims that his party has spies within the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Members of Parliament.

He believes that having spies among the opposing side’s ranks is a necessary evil, especially because “information is key.”

On JoyNews’ PM Express on Wednesday, he told Evans Mensah, “You need to know what the others are planning and trying to achieve.”

“If we didn’t have anyone, how did we get Speaker elected?” It isn’t just one person. It’s why I decided to become an agent myself,” he continued.

Both sides of Parliament have moles on the opposing side, according to the Asawase MP, and unhappy members of the party are frequently targeted for this purpose.

“When you’re given leadership, you have to pay the price. You can’t pacify everyone [the unhappy elements], whether they’re on our side or theirs,” he remarked.

He referenced the formation of committees in Parliament as an example of events that often lead to members being angry, saying, “I have finance committee, and people come in and fill out the forms to be on finance committee before they even get sworn in.”

“How can I please [everyone] when we only have 12 seats on the finance committee and I have 78 persons who have filled out the paperwork to be on the finance committee and I only have to take 12?”

“So, by the time I’ve chosen 12 of the 78, someone will be pleased.” Someone may be taking consolation because he didn’t get Finance and is now on Mines. You will never be forgiven by someone else. Are you following me? As a result, you have it on both sides.”

He did point out, however, that not all disgruntled members are easily persuaded to become spies for the opposing side.

“Some will be extremely difficult to persuade; they may be disgruntled and unhappy on their side, but they will not, while others are so bitter that they are willing to.”

Nonetheless, he highlighted that certain members, whether disgruntled or not, have strong patriotic instincts and frequently wait for unusual circumstances such as secret balloting to exhibit their uniqueness away from their whips’ prying eyes.

“And let me tell you, there are people on both sides who are really nationalistic, but they are kept at bay by the dread of the party whips and the party structure.”

“So when a chance presents itself, for example in a secret ballot,” he explained, “you saw, the shock we experienced was worse than theirs.”

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