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Company transporting explosives caused a similar accident in Burkina Faso – A Plus alleges


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Controversial social media activist, Kwame A Plus has claims that the company at the center of the disastrous explosion in Apiate, a village near Bogoso in the Western region, was also involved in a fatal explosive in Burkina Faso.

He said that a lot of people were killed in the Burkina Faso blast.

According to him, he has authoritative information that Maxam Company Limited disobeyed multiple advices on how it transports explosives, one of which resulted in the January 20, 2022 accident.

“The company that was shipping the explosives that triggered the Apiate tragedy had been warned multiple times that calamity was on the way. This is according to WhatsApp voice messages given to the company’s management when he refused to pick up his phone calls, according to my sources. On Friday, I personally listened to these messages on the phone of an honorable member of parliament.

“I have information that this same firm caused a similar disaster not long ago someplace in Burkina Faso, where roughly 14 people were believed to have died,” he wrote on Facebook.

He also claimed that the Maxam Company Limited was instructed on various safer ways of delivering their products in the voice notes he listened to, but they ignored the advice.

“The corporation was advised not to bring finished explosive products to the location, according to the voice messages I listened to. Instead, they should take the chemicals needed to make the explosives to the mine and mix them there. “All of these warnings were ignored, according to the recording I heard,” he stated.

More than 100 people have been injured in the Apiate accident, killing about 17 people with over 500 homes entirely destroyed in the community.

While President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has sent a donation to the victims, he is yet to pay a visit to the area.

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, on the other hand, has promised the inhabitants of Apiate that the government will reconstruct their village for them.

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