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Mystery behind the holy Atwea mountain unravelled

Exodus 3:1-10 tells the tale of Moses’ encounter with God on Mount Sinai, which is comparable to why certain sites are considered holy grounds and God’s resting place.

The Atwea Mountains, which are located in the Sekyere Central District in the Ashanti region, are one such holy location in Ghana.

Rev Abraham Osei Assibey, a Methodist clergyman, was the first to find the site in 1964.

Traveling to the mountain began years ago when Rev Abraham Osei Assibey, his driver, and an escort from the town visited the Atwea Mountain, according to a documentary by GBC’s Beatrice Senadju.

After God told the Methodist priest as to what to do with the location after his meeting, he officially transformed it into a prayer center in December 1965.

The first mass prayer camping was organized in the same year, according to Evangelist Richard Afriyie, Overseer of the Atwea Methodist Camp 3, with a group known at the time as Kristo Mu Anigye3 Kuo, which means Happiness in Christ Group.

While praying, Evangelist Afriyie saw a shift in the environment, with the clouds thickening and turning a mauve color.

Then came the first miracle.

As a result, Rev Assibey directed his team members to dress in mauve whenever they went to the mountain.

His account backs up what Rev Philip Kwadwo Kyere said in his July 2012 study paper to the University of Ghana’s Department of Religious Studies.

“It is stated that when they came to the top of the mountain, the Rev Assibey instantly stepped forward and began to pray,” he writes in his investigation. During his prayer, the sky turned violet and the pastor was engulfed in a dense cloud, evoking the biblical tale of Jesus’ transfiguration.

The other three team members who were watching were terrified, but they kept it to themselves. After he finished praying, he inquired of his three buddies about what had occurred, but none of them could respond.

When the other three companions told him about the cloud, the pastor affirmed that he, too, had heard a voice from the clouds confirming him of God’s presence on the mountain.

From that day on, that location on the mountain’s crest became a significant landmark.

To signify its special significance, the pastor is supposed to have built a wooden cross there.”

Because God has hallowed the mountain, it is popularly believed that everyone who visits it will have all of their prayer wishes met.

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