• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Ghanaian woman gives birth on Washington-bound plane at 34,000ft

When a Ghanaian doctor practicing in the United States of America delivered a baby on a flight from Ghana to the United States, he became the hero of the day.

The baby, who was supposed to arrive in February 2022, astonished not only its mother, but also the passengers aboard United Airlines Flight UA 977, which took off from 34,000 feet above sea level on Sunday, January 30, 2022.

Nancy Adobea, a broadcaster from GHOne Television who was on board, told citinewsroom.com about the mix of worry and joy they felt when they realized the woman was going to deliver the baby.

She claims the incident happened two hours before the plane took off.

“The fear for the women on board, the anxiety for the women on board…everyone was frightened, but thankfully she delivered safely.”

The new mother was “full of thanks” and “elated, even if she was weak,” according to Nancy Adobea.

One of the cabin crew members was a nurse, and she helped with the baby’s safe delivery.

Nancy Adobea was struck by the calmness of the doctor, Dr. Ansah-Addo, a Ghanaian working in the United States.

“He was eerily peaceful.” “Everyone was ecstatic, but he was very calm,” she explained.

When the plane landed at Washington Dulles International Airport, paramedics were waiting to greet the mother and infant, providing more secure care.

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