• Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Authorities must respect rules and regulations to avoid another chaotic week in parliament – Mahama Ayariga

Mahama Ayariga, the Bawku Central MP, has encouraged parliamentarians to follow the norms of the House in order to avoid pandemonium.

According to him, Parliament’s standing orders must be properly interpreted so that no one in the House believes the leaders or presiding officers are purposefully breaking the rules.

The MP, in an interview on asaase radio indicated that, there is often chaos in parliament because members of the minority caucus observe attempts by the majority caucus and the presiders to flout the House’s rules, which can lead to outcomes that are irreversible.

“We must also verify that the regulations are correctly read, and that those in positions of responsibility and presiding follow the rules.”

“In every instance where the House has been turned into chaos, it’s because members on the minority side believe that there’s been an attempt to violate the rules in a way that they might never have the opportunity to correct if they allow the rules to be violated.”

Mahama Ayariga, on the other hand, emphasized that lawmakers turning to fisticuffs in Parliament was not the finest example to set for the citizens.

“We should not be in a position where we have to defend ourselves with fisticuffs in Parliament.” That’s not acceptable, that’s not a good impression to make, and that’s not a good model of how leaders in our country should act.”

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