• Thu. Aug 4th, 2022

Holders of fake vaccination cards are not listed in the national database – Nsiah Asare

Dr. Nsiah Asare, the President’s health advisor, has warned that persons who obtain vaccination cards through unlawful means do not have their names recorded in the national database.

He also stated that persons whose identities are not listed in the national database will be fished out and penalized as a result.

“You should be aware that if your name is not in the national database which goes globally if you’re holding a fake vaccination card, one day one day, you’ll be found out because there are applications that you can check and there are bar codes on the vaccination cards and when the barcode is checked and your name is not in the database, you can easily be picked out and punished,” Dr Asare told Thelma Tackie on the GTV Breakfast show.

He also asked the public to refrain from such frivolous behaviors and instead use the proper means of obtaining vaccination cards, which is to ensure that they are vaccinated.

“I’m using this means to tell everyone that please don’t do that, don’t allow yourself to be used by anyone, and don’t do this for monetary reasons because if you are detected, you will be severely punished,” he added.

According to Dr. Nsiah, the government intends to distribute approximately 5 million immunizations across the country in a 5-day nationwide vaccination campaign.

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