• Wed. Aug 3rd, 2022

“This is my Month” – French Ambassador beam with delight after meeting Kuame Eugene

When award-winning Highlife performer Kuami Eugene paid her a courtesy call, it was a dream come true for Anne Sophie Avé, the French Ambassador to Ghana.

In the same way that Chance the Rapper’s request to see Sarkodie was granted, Madam Sophie’s tweet expressing her want to meet Kuami Eugene was also granted.

Eugene took advantage of her wish to be surprised by showing up at her house to throw a party before his birthday on February 1.

Madam Sophie wasted little time after their niceties and her longing hug, and went on to have a laugh-filled talk with Eugene, whom she described as one of her favorite artists.

She was also fortunate enough to learn some modern Ghanaian dance routines.

Her delight was amplified when the Rockstar presented her with a beaded necklace and bracelet to match.

In a caption she put on Instagram, she summed up her heartfelt emotions:

“How would you feel if you met one of your favorite artists, got to celebrate his 25th birthday, received a lovely gift, learned the dance moves to his new song Fire Fire, and saw the music video in advance?” It brightened my day! I’m talking about my week! This is my month! It was an incredible experience! @kuamieugene is an outstanding guy as well as a phenomenal artist, and he serves as an inspiration to the youth of Ghana and the rest of the globe.”

She’s also inundated her timeline with snippets from the trips, indicating the honor bestowed upon her.

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