• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Any MP who fights in Parliament should be treated as a criminal and prosecuted – Majority Chief Whip 

MPs who participate in fisticuffs in the House should be prosecuted, according to Majority Chief Whip Frank Annoh-Dompreh.

According to him, Members of Parliament (MPs) who engage in fighting must lose their privileges and be treated as criminals.

“If this [Parliamentary fighting] happens again, I will insist that all those engaged face the full force of the law.”

“They must be treated like any other criminal anyplace, and all of these MPs [who engage] in such crimes must forfeit their privileges.”

Even members of his caucus who fight should be made to face the full rigours of the law, according to the chief whip, who is also the MP for Nsawam/Adoagyiri. He also advised MPs to be civil and learn to show dignity in the discharge of their duties.

MPs, he claims, are losing Ghanaians’ respect, and if the fights continue, their supporters would cease voting for them.

“Why? If we keep going down this path, we won’t be able to approach the Ghanaian people and urge them to vote for us again,” Annoh-Dompreh said.

“Any member of the Majority who gets so nasty should face the full force of the law.” We anticipate civility from the Minority. “We’re not asking them to sing our praises or agree with everything we say,” the Chief Whip said, “but let’s have some decency and civility.”

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