• Wed. Aug 3rd, 2022

“Awards are not my biggest trophy” – Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton, a multi-award-winning Ghanaian gospel musician, has revealed that winning awards is not her greatest success in her musical career.

According to her, she is okay when her listeners tell her that her songs gave them wisdom and had a positive impact on them, and that her songs have been a godsend to them, and it is like a medal and motivates her to keep going.

In an interview with Doctor Cann on Showbiz Xtra on Happy Fm, the gifted artist stated that while she appreciates awards, the most important award or trophy for her is what the listener (audience) feels or says after hearing her songs.

“It’s critical for us to emphasize that we like awards because we are human, but my best award or medal is something like what the listener just stated about following my advice on decent dressing .It’s when someone tells me that my song has brought them joy.”

“It’s when someone shows up at an event with a baby and says it’s by the grace of God that they’re carrying this child,” she continued. That’s like a medal or a band on my shoulder for me, encouraging me to keep going.”

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