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Government beefs up security in Bawku over Jihadist attack


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The Upper East regional minister, Stephen Yakubu said security has been ramped up in Bawku, particularly along the border, following a suspected Jihadist attack that left twelve people dead and a few more abducted.

On Sunday, January 30, the incident occurred.

“I have noticed few more military, not to do with the Bawku war, but Jihadist or terrorists infiltrating from neighboring countries,” Supt Simon Peter Akabati, Bawku Divisional Police Commander, told TV3. So I believe these military personnel can assist us in patrolling our boundaries to prevent them from intruding and disrupting our tranquillity,”

“The border situation is something that we are extremely aware of, and we are keeping a very careful eye on what is going on,” Regional Minister Stephen Yakubu said in an interview on 3FM’s midday news on Tuesday, February 1. Because of this Jihadist, the government has invested a lot of resources in this region for border control even before the coup d’état.

“As a result, they’re even more conscious of what’s going on now.” We’ve had some issues across the border recently, and now folks are arriving. To clear the air, those that entered are Ghanaians; my understanding is that they are ladies whose husbands were working beyond the border when they entered.

“So, in terms of border control, the government has gathered a lot of resources, they have a lot of troops on the ground, intelligence has been amped up, and we are keeping an eye on things.”

“We are also sensitizing citizens around the borders so that they would be able to inform us of any unpleasant activities taking place near the border areas.”

In the Bawku West Districts, the impacted hamlet is not far from Kulungungu, close Pusiga and Sapeliga.

According to eyewitness accounts, several Wariwewu villagers jumped the border into Kulungugu and Sapeliga.

Military helicopters have been spotted in the area, particularly in Sapeliga and Pulmakom, while ground troops are stationed at strategic locations to monitor the situation.

According to sources, there is a substantial security presence on the upper east border at Sapeliga, Kulungungu, and Pulmako.

Several armoured vehicles are patrolling the sapeliga township, as well as all illegal roads in the bawku west area and other border towns.

Meanwhile, Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, the Zugraana of the Kusaug traditional area, has encouraged all residents in the area to immediately report any suspicious activity in their traditional areas to security officials.

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