• Sat. Aug 6th, 2022

Private developer constructs fence wall across an asphalted road in Denyame

A private developer has built a wall in the midst of an asphalted road, obstructing access to the Regional Coordinating Council, the residence, and the Urban Roads Department office at Denyame in Kumasi.

According to sources, the developer is claiming the land that has long operated as an asphalted connecting road.

Reports have it that the developer took the action because the public road encroached on his land, which was ready to be built into an estate.

According to sources, the developer purchased the land in 2005 when some government property in Nhyiaeso was for sale, but the project started in 2016.

Following that, the road was asphalted and renovated last year.

The Ashanti Regional Urban Roads Directorate admitted that the road was built unlawfully across the land of a private developer.

If any attempt is made to stop him or harm his property, Ashanti Regional Minister Simon Osei Mensah believes the government might face a judgment debt.

“I contacted the Regional Lands Officer, who informed me that that location did not have a road, so the road was built illegally.” “I had no jurisdiction on the land, and if I decided to halt the developer, it would result in a government judgment debt,” the minister added.

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