• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Transport operators postpone meeting on fare increment to Feb. 3

The Coalition of Private Transport Operators has rescheduled its meeting on fare increment for Thursday, February 3, 2022, after it was originally scheduled for Wednesday, February 2.

Due to the recent increase in fuel prices, the committee is anticipated to reach a decision on whether or not to raise transportation fares.

The conference has been called as a result of driver worries about rising fuel prices and their impact on their jobs.

The cause of the postponement, according to David Agoagbo, the Concerned Drivers Association’s Public Relations Officer and a union official, is the delay by a committee entrusted with presenting some results that will aid them in concluding their stance.

He told the media that he believes the group will agree to raise fares while continuing to campaign for the elimination of some fuel charges.

“The meeting was intended to take place today, but it has been rescheduled until tomorrow [Thursday].” We need to postpone because we’ve given some individuals assignments and they haven’t finished them yet; maybe, they’ll do them today, Wednesday, so we’ve all decided to postpone.”

The meeting is about two things: an increase in transportation fares, and then we transport operators will continue to push for the reduction or elimination of certain taxes and levies, so that’s what we’ll talk about, and I hope they agree on both.”

Last month, the group went on a brief nationwide sit-down strike to protest high fuel prices, which they claimed were negatively impacting their operations.

They urged that the government eliminate some taxes on petroleum goods, such as the Price Stabilization and Recovery Levy, the Energy Debt Recovery Levy, and the Fuel Marking Margin, in order to relieve consumers of the cost, but this has yet to happen.

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