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We are all rich if GH¢70 a year is the yardstick for poverty – Bridget Otoo replies Minister


Feb 4, 2022 ,

Bridget Otoo has replied to an MP’s remark that 70 cedis is the poverty line, saying that if that is the case, then we are all millionaires because we make more than 70 cedis at the end of the year.

The MP, speaking on the topic of the E-levy being passed, defined a poor person as someone earning less than 70 cedis per year, which has sparked a new debate online, with practically everyone astonished by the MP’s reply, which appeared to show that he doesn’t care.

Bridget Otoo, in response, labeled us all as wealthy because the Ghanaian definition of wealth is 70 cedis, and most of us earn more than that at the end of the month, but we all know it’s not the definition of wealth.

Some of these MPs even argue that if you can send 100 cedis a day, you’re wealthy, despite the fact that some individuals send more than 100 cedis at the end of the day, leaving them without food for the night.

This E-levy problem has opened our eyes to how some MPs regard us, as they believe we are wealthy since we can send 100 cedis a day and earn 70 cedis, refusing to confront reality and do what is right.

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