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A Ghanaian man narrates how he was arrested and jailed in five different countries in Europe. 


Feb 5, 2022 ,

His sole ambition was to play professional football. He gave up everything he had in Ghana to chase his ambition of living in Europe. He had no idea that life had prepared a harsh pepper soup for him.

Looking at his appearance and elegant outfits, Apostle Fred Boateng does not appear to have been through anything.

When he stands in the pulpit of his Columbus, Ohio-based church (Power of Anointing Ministries), you’d never guess he’d been through shame, pain, sadness, and a terrible life.

Apostle Boateng gave up his education as a young promising footballer to focus on his football talent. He had only one ambition: to play in the top-flight European leagues.

Because of this dream, he moved from Ghana to Turkey. He had no idea that his life was going to take a turn for the worse.

Apostle Fred, as he is known, described how he was arrested and imprisoned in five different European countries in an interview with Ntiamoah Williams.

He confessed at some point in his life that he attempted to walk from Turkey to Greece through heavy forests and unknown locations in pursuit of freedom and escape. He calls it a life-and-death journey.

Despite his best efforts, Apostle Boateng was never able to visit Greece as he desired. His travels took him to five different nations, where he was imprisoned. From Bulgaria to Turkey to Germany, France, and Spain, there’s a lot to see.

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