• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

“Growing up was not easy, my father was accused of theft” – Destiny Etiko recounts tough childhood

Destiny Etiko, a well-known Nigerian actress, opened up about her past life with fans, revealing how difficult life was for her and her family during her childhood.

In a recent interview with Saturday, the voluptuous Nollywood actress explained how her father, who was doing well at one point during her upbringing, became involved in a significant employment situation.

Destiny Etiko revealed that growing up was difficult for her, revealing in an interview that her father, who was a headmaster and was doing well at one point when he joined a corporation as a treasurer, had been accused of embezzlement.

During Destiny’s narration, she claims that her father, who was trusted and dispatched by the firm to deposit money at the bank, was ambushed by armed robbers who grabbed the money, but he was accused of stealing the money by his company.

She went on to say that her father had to go through a lot to pay for the money he didn’t steal, and that this forced them to leave their flat (home) and move to a public house.

According to her, the situation worsened to the point where her mother had to stop acting and they were forced to live off the proceeds of a shop her father built for her mother.

In her words:

“Growing up was not easy. My father was a headmaster doing well and at some point, he worked with a firm as a treasurer where he was accused of theft after the money he was asked to take to the bank was stolen by armed robbers who attacked him on his way. My father had to pay for money he never took. It was an issue as we had to move out from the flat we were living in to a ‘public’ house. My mother had stopped acting and we started living off the proceeds of the shop my father opened for her.”

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