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Senegal beats Egypty to wins AFCON 2021


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Senegal, a West African country, defeats Egypt, a North African country, to win the 2021 African Cup Of Nations (AFCON 2021).

Senegal has won the Africa Cup of Nations for the third time, with Senegal appearing in the finals for the third time.

Senegal’s victory in the 2021 AFCON competition is historic because it is the first time they have ever won.

Both clubs played to a goalless draw (0-0), and the game was extremely close until penalty kicks.

Senegal defeated Egypt 4-2 to win the 2021 AFCON tournament. Liverpool’s Sadio Mane scored the game-winning penalty, which led to Senegal’s victory.

AFCON 2021 Senegal vs Egypt Penalty

  • Koulibaly for Senegal scores 1-0
  • Ahmed Sayed for Egypt scores 1-1
  • Abdou Diallo for Senegal scores 2-1
  • Abdelmonem for Egypt misses 2-1
  • Bouna Sarr for Senegal misses 2-1
  • Marwan Hamdi for Egypt scores 2-2
  • Mohanad Lasheen for Egypt misses 3-2
  • Bamba Dieng for Senegal scores 3-2
  • Mane for Senegal scores 4-
Senegal Wins AFCON 2021
Senegal vs Egypt Match Statistics: AFCON 2021 Finals

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