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Rest in peace: BOST workers lay wreath to welcome CEO over attempt to deal with rot


Feb 8, 2022 ,

Some disgruntled employees of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) welcomed the Chief Executive Officer of BOST, Edwin Provencal, to work on Monday, February 7, 2022, by placing wreaths at the entrance of the workplace displaying his name.

“RIP Mr. Edwin Provencal,” “Rest well,” and “Rest in peace in advance Edwin Provencal” were among the inscriptions on the wreaths placed at the entryway.

The workers’ motives, on the other hand, are unclear.

However, Edwin Provencal stated that BOST was becoming a problem as a result of several conflicts of interest, making it difficult for any nominated executive to restore the company’s image, noting that BOST had been embroiled in a series of controversies.

“Recently, transportation owners’ operations on seal adulteration and tampering, which are being curtailed by BOST and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), have made us targets,” he told Graphiconline.

He stated that the workers’ action was meant to stop the rot in the system in order to restore the company’s image and allow the government to rake in the needed revenues. This could be a factor that is allowing leading transporters who appear disgruntled about the Accra-Kumasi pipeline taking away their business to continue operating.

An endeavor to make things right and put an end to the rot at BOST, he claims, caused him considerable dissatisfaction.

“I am not surprised,” he continued, “since some unhappy employees may be concerned about the implementation of strict performance management methods to push performance.”

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