• Sat. Aug 6th, 2022

Some Ghanaian Movie Editors are “Unprofessional” – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson, a Ghanaian actress and producer, expressed regret for hiring Ghanaian movie editors for her recent film ‘The Men We Love.’

This is Yvonne’s eleventh year as a movie producer, she explained. She has also chosen to be patriotic and use exclusively Ghanaians in her latest project.

The Ghanaian actress, however, claims that the Ghanaian editors she engaged to work on the film were unprofessional.

Most of them, moreover, turned out to be uninterested in her endeavor.

She went on to say that, despite the fact that she had paid these editors in full before entrusting them with the assignment, they couldn’t care less about the timeframes she had to meet.

YN Movie Productions’ owner also expressed sorrow for not employing a Nigerian editor. This is because they are always really strict for her.

Furthermore, they guarantee that you will receive your video within 10 days.

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