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John Boadu declares ‘blow for blow’ against the NDC Minority


Feb 9, 2022 , ,

Members of the opposition have been challenged by John Boadu, the General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

When Ghana’s Parliament resurfaces, the Minority Party will attempt to sow mayhem.

There have been numerous confrontations between the Majority and Minority in Parliament since the administration adopted the e-levy.

On the levy, both sides of the house have conflicting perspectives, and the Minority has made it a purpose to ensure that the levy does not pass.

According to John Boadu, who spoke on Neat FM in Accra, the Majority will not stand by and watch the Minority play the fool in parliament this time.

“I hope you saw wha happened when they decided to take the Speaker’s position,” he remarked. They should go there and try it for themselves. If this is their logic, then a party that staged a coup will be the ones to defend the constitution?”

The NPP General Secretary asked Ghanaians to reject the NDC’s actions of violence, especially their General Secretary’s backing for them allegedly encouraging them to slap the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

“Did the constitution indicate that if you’re protecting it, you should do it by slapping people?” Mr. Boadu said. By dragging the Speakers’ seat? Is that what the constitution says about kicking ballot boxes around? Are we going to be able to live in peace in this country if we allow this kind of behavior?”

“Do you think we’re being represented by jerks?” If they want to prove they’re men, and they say they’re willing to do so… Even the constitution, which they don’t understand and believe will solve their problems with slaps, should be slapped and seen what occurs,” the general secretary added.

“Do you think I’ll tell my MPs to turn the other cheek if they get a slap on the right cheek?” Is this the type of leadership we’re discussing? He said, “You’ve lost elections before, but you’re not going to change.”

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