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Cina Soul bemoans of having a small a$$


Feb 10, 2022 ,

Without a doubt, we live in an era in which many women desire a huge behind for obvious reasons.

Cina Soul, a Ghanaian musician, has said that she is the only one in her family who has a modest ny@sh.

The Ghanaian celebrity recently told XYZ radio station that her entire family has enviable backsides.

However, on the other hand, she just has a small one.

“Ohhh the big buttocks de33 it is my family members. They all have big buttocks, my mother, my sisters, everyone. But I am not part,” the Ghanaian songstress lamented.

Cina Soul also claimed that the women in her family who had huge backsides inspired her latest single, “Ojorley.”

She also wanted to tell the world how God had gifted her family with huge backs.

Cina Soul

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