• Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

One teacher, one laptop program: ATAG raises issues with GES’ online ICT training for teachers

The Ghana Education Service’s decision to organize basic ICT training for teachers online has angered a teacher union, the All Teachers Alliance Ghana.

The program, which costs GH300, is designed to help teachers use various e-learning materials.

The training will be conducted using the computers provided to teachers as part of the one-teacher-one-laptop initiative.

The laptops are intended to bridge the ICT divide between urban teachers and their rural counterparts.

The Union, on the other hand, claims that the decision would fail to achieve its intended goal because most instructors have yet to receive their laptops.

They also stated that due to a lack of internet availability, instructors in rural locations may not be able to benefit from this training.

“We were there, and GES brought a statement stating that we’ll be attending online training prior to the computers that have been delivered to us,” Isaac Ofori, President of the “All Teachers Alliance Ghana,” stated in an interview with Citi News. The question is how they will provide technical training for teachers who need to practice with the machine in the GH300 component of the training that will be done online, and how will the practicality of the technicality in the IT training be achieved.”

“Many teachers have yet to receive laptops, therefore if you’re planning to have an online training session for teachers using laptops, how will those who haven’t received them participate?” Some teachers are also stationed in rural areas of the country where internet access is slow and unreliable.”

Mr. Ofori has also urged instructors to forgo the training in favor of a physical exercise.

“We’ve realized that GES isn’t treating teachers fairly. Teachers have been advised to boycott online training so that the original plan for in-person instruction can be carried out.”

However, the union has pledged to “appeal President Akufo-Addo and other international organizations to guarantee that teachers in Ghana are treated equitably.”

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