• Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Breaking The 8: Your lack of tact is a setback towards the agenda – Gyampo to Kyei Mensah Bonsu

Ransford Gyampo, Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana has questioned Majority Leader Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu about the much-discussed E-levy cake.

“It is politically insensitive to get an E-Levy Cake when you have been unable to mobilize your own “majority group” to pass it; and also when you have failed to generate consensus behind it,” he says.

“Even if you refuse to listen to public uproar, you must be strategic in your display of insensitivity, or you will unnecessarily disrupt Breaking The 8’s mission,” he stated.

Gyampo says Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu was being strategic when he refused the cake, claiming that he wanted to develop consensus first.

“I don’t think you’ll be able to get this cake on your own.” The person who got it wasn’t politically astute and unwittingly put you in a bind. However, as a seasoned politician, you could have generated headlines by refusing the cake, citing the need to develop consensus on the issues in order to approve the e-levy first.”

He claimed that the Majority Leader’s acceptance proves that everyone who criticizes John Mahama’s Dead Goat syndrome is wrong.

“The unintentional consequence of your acceptance of the E-Levy Cake, at a time when huge differences exist on the subject, proves that we were all incorrect in denouncing yesterday’s dead-goat syndrome.”

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Thinking about the near intractable UTAG strike and how the inequities in the general salary structures in Ghana, can be tackled to assure industrial harmony for productivity. But I just saw a Green E-Levy Cake that has momentarily changed the focus of my thoughts.

In my candid view, it is politically tactless to receive an E-Levy Cake, when you’ve been unable to mobilize your own “majority group” to pass it; and also failed in building consensus around it. Even if you won’t listen to public outcry, you must be strategic in your show of insensitivity, else you will unnecessarily disturb the agenda of Breaking The 8.

I do not believe you will procure this cake yourself. The one who procured it was not politically smart and unintentionally set you up in a trap. But as an experienced politician, you could have made the news by rejecting the cake, with an excuse of wanting to build consensus around the issues to get the e-levy passed first.

The unintended implication of your acceptance of the E-Levy Cake, at a time when there are major disagreements on the matter, makes us all wrong in criticizing yesterday’s dead-goat syndrome. Upon a second thought, I am sure you will agree with me that, this particular act was a little indiscretion on your part.

Do please return the cake to its sender, symbolically and let’s see how we continue to dialogue to build consensus on the E-Levy, so government can get the needed resources to run. Just hold a presser to announce the symbolic return of the E-Levy Cake to its sender and deepen dialogue.

Yaw Gyampo A31,

PrabiwPAV Ansah Street

Saltpond &Suro Nipa House


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