• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

I’ll Scatter Ghana on Your Birthday with Your Undressed Photos – Akufo-Addo Hot as Serwaa Broni Returns with More Fire


Feb 12, 2022 ,

President Akufo-Addo faces an approaching calamity after his accused sidekick, Serwaa Broni, promised to wreak additional damage.

She has promised to disclose additional images of the President, but this time with him wearing nothing at all, in a new video circulating on social media.

Serwaa claims that despite her best efforts to be cautious in what she reveals, the President continues to ignore her, forcing her to go even more nuclear.

She said that the President had committed a crime against her in a video.

Serwaa stated again that the President dispatched national security personnel to rob her and attempt to recover damning images and recordings of him.

She went on to say that the law firm she hired to represent her in court was also raided.

Instead of coming down with her to make a settlement over the crime he allegedly committed, she claims the President is attempting to have his henchmen retrieve the evidence from her.

On the 29th of March, Akufo-upcoming Addo’s birthday, Serwaa has threatened to spread the entire country.

She claims that because the shirtless photo she posted did not work, she will now reveal a more threatening photo of the President.

Serwaa Broni stated that the 29th of March will go down in Ghanaian history because she would stir things up!

Watch her below…


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