• Sat. Aug 6th, 2022

Maccasio Blasts 3Music Awards Organizers For Not Including Him

Maccasio, a Ghanaian singer and dancer, has expressed his displeasure on social media.

This is due to the organizers of the 3Music Awards failing to include his name on the list of nominees for the 2022 3Music Awards, which was recently announced.

The organizers of the annual 3Music Award, a Ghanaian music awards ceremony conducted yearly since 2018 to celebrate Ghanaian music, have finally released the nominees. It was founded by the 3music Network and broadcasted by Media General TV3.

The 3Music Awards 2022 Nominations were released live on the organizers’ official social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram sites) on Friday, February 11, 2022, and were hosted by Ghanaian media sensation Mzgee.

Maccasio expressed his unhappiness by taking to his official Twitter account to express his outrage as to why his name was not included on the list.

He said in a message that he is bigger than 70% of the musicians who were nominated.

According to Maccasio, who hails from the Northern Region, the organizers might do a better job picking nominees.

The Northern sensation wrote that; “Why do 3music awards keep sidelining us? Is it Accra artistes awards or Ghana awards? I am bigger than 70 percent of artists nominated… Don’t tell me u don’t know my songs. My fans know my songs n they are all Ghanaians. Pls, do better. @3musicAwards,”

Below is his post on Twitter

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