• Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Mahama was incompetent with National Security – NDC executive

Mr. Stephen Ashitey Adjei, an executive member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Tema East, has claimed that former President John Mahama was incapable when it came to handling national security at the Jubilee House.

In a recent blog post regarding events in his party, NDC’s Moshake stated it would be a mistake to re-elect the former President because of his failure to effectively manage national security.

“In this incredibly hazardous era, when Ghana is dealing with terrorists in Burkina Faso and Boko Haram jihadists threatening our borders from Nigeria, having someone like John Mahama at the helm of our national security is the last thing you want,” Moshake said.

And, according to him, Mr. Mahama’s negligence not only jeopardized Ghana’s national security, but also “the security of our party, the NDC itself.”

As a result, he advised the NDC to “pick a leader who would have the skills to ensure that party security is rebuilt, and that national security is fortified when he becomes president.”

According to the NDC Constituency Executive, several South African ex-police officers were smuggled into the nation under John Mahama’s presidency to train opposition party vigilantes.

“Mr. Mahama’s government was the one who purchased Pegasus for National Security, which can be used to spy on Ghanaians. He failed horribly when it came to the all-important task of safeguarding security against external assault.

“Those same South African Police officers were only discovered and detained as a result of media vigilance,” Moshake added, “so where was Mr. Mahama with his pricey Pegasus spyware?”

“What is even more unforgivable,” he says, “is that the incompetent administration of John Mahama allowed the South African ex-police officers to go free after they had been caught.”

“When they were caught, they were found with copies of the election commission’s voter data transmission manual in their hands,” Moshake said, implying that South Africans played a role in the NDC’s defeat in 2016.

“John Mahama was so bad with national security,” Moshake claims, “that the NPP, which was in opposition at the time, knew the election results well before the president did.”

“This is the individual we have to deal with in the NDC; this same man is requesting that we reinstate him as flagbearer.” “Now it’s up to us,” Moshake wrote.

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