• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Majid Michel Reacts To Shatta Wale’s Attack On Jackie Appiah

Majid Michel, a Ghanaian actor, has reacted to Shatta Wale’s recent remarks towards Jackie Appiah.

It is well known that singer Shatta Wale decided to trash and drag actress Jackie Appiah’s image through the mud during a recent Facebook live session.

As a result, Majid Michel, the Ghanaian sensation, has expressed his displeasure.

According to the award-winning actor, he was stunned and shocked when he learned that Shatta Wale made those derogatory remarks against Jackie Appiah without providing any evidence.

Majid further stated that after seeing the clip of Shatta Wale’s live session become viral.

Furthermore, once the incident was widely covered in the media, he had to call Jackie Appiah to ask if she knew the Shatta Movement’s leader.

Jackie’s response was an emphatic no, much to his surprise.

In addition, the one-time Africa Movie Awards ‘Best Actor of the Year’ winner ended his visit on UTV’s ‘United Showbiz’ by adding he was looking forward to seeing more from Shatta Wale.

Especially after he recently urged men all over the world to respect and protect women.

Take a look at Majid Michel’s interview in the video below.

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