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NMC has greater burden to ensure its members understand the law too – Justice Abdulai


Feb 14, 2022 , ,

Justice Abdulai, a law lecturer at the University of Professional Studies in Accra (UPSA), has stated that the National Media Commission (NMC) has a major responsibility to ensure that all of its members are aware of the laws that are used against journalists for statements made in the course of their duties.

His remarks come in response to the recent detention of several journalists, including Captain Smart of Media General and Bobie Ansah of Accra FM, over statements they made on the radio.

Bobie was arrested in connection with an alleged instance of false news publication and offensive behaviour, according to the police.

His arrest was necessary because he and others connected in the case turned down multiple invitations from the police to cooperate with the investigation, according to a statement released by the police on Friday, February 11.

“It looks that all of us need some education about this law that is exploited against people,” Justice Abdulai remarked on TV3’s Key Points on Saturday, February 12. (journalists). The NMC has a larger responsibility to ensure that its members are aware of the law.”

“Perhaps sensationalism will get in the way,” he added, “but we shouldn’t murder the person with a sledgehammer when things go south.”

Meanwhile, Alhassan Suhuyini, a member from Tamale North, has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament to ask the Chairman of the NMC to answer questions over recent journalist arrests in the nation.

Some journalists, notably Captain Smart of Media General and Bobie Ansah of Accra FM, have been detained by the police in recent weeks.

According to the police, Bobie was apprehended in connection with an accused instance of false news dissemination and provocative conduct.

“His arrest became necessary after he turned down multiple invitations from the Police to cooperate with the investigation,” the Police stated in a statement on Friday, February 11.

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