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Kofi Nti shares horrible marriage experience


Feb 15, 2022 ,

Kofi Nti, a Ghanaian highlife artist, has admitted that marrying was one of the worst moves he has ever made.

According to Kofi Nti, his previous marriage damaged his entire career and sanity.

The highlife artist, who vanished from the music industry after releasing back-to-back singles, stated in an interview with Kofi TV that he married with no strategy or investment but continued to have children.

This, according to the ‘Rakia’ singer, was the start of his problems.

“It completely wrecked me.” I suffocated. Don’t get married if you’re not ready. It is not a contest. We make numerous errors. I’ll never claim my wife was horrible, but as the saying goes, marriage is a lifelong commitment. Don’t give in to the peer pressure. Before you set out on your journey, double-check that everything is in order. When you’re broke, you can survive on your own; however, when you have children, you begin to panic. It depleted my stamina. My entire financial situation deteriorated. I didn’t put things where they belonged. “My career ended because everything wasn’t planned or strategized,” he stated in Twi.

“We hadn’t considered setting up a fund for the baby or anything.” We hurried into our marriage. It was all about the cash for me. “There was no financial investment.”

Previously, it was said that Kofi Nti had snatch Ofori Amponsah’s wife, Linda, causing their friendship and professional relationship to fall apart.

Although he disputed the charges in an interview with Abeiku Santana in 2020, the two have not been on speaking terms since then.

The musician stated in an interview with Kofi TV that while he has no issues with Ofori Amponsah, their relationship is not as cordial as it once was.

“I’m cool with Ofori Amponsah,” he said, “but it’s not like previously.”

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