• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Outright criminal activities are being done in the name of journalism – Samson Ayenini

Samson Lardy Ayenini, a private legal practitioner, has warned that some people are committing crimes under the pretense of journalism.

According to the lawyer, the arrest of such offenders cannot be considered an infringement of journalistic freedom or human rights.

He highlighted that the police are not required by law to obtain a warrant in order to arrest someone suspected of committing a crime.

He believes it is discriminatory on the part of the police when people in the journalism and political space, as well as others in prominent positions, are invited by the police and treated with dignity, while an ordinary Ghanaian is treated differently if he or she is suspected of committing a crime.

“The folks who start shouting where is your warrant and you can’t arrest me without a warrant when a police officer touches them, I am sorry that is not what the law states,” he added.

Various criticisms have been leveled at the arrest and filing of criminal charges against some journalists in recent weeks.

Some opponents believe the arrests of journalists, some of whom are known to be government critics, are an attempt to curtail press freedom.

“I’m going to disappoint a lot of you journalists because what I know, including actual criminal activities in the guise of journalism, is quite distressing.” Journalists, like everyone else, are human beings. There are thieves among journalists, and if they are apprehended, it should not be a matter of human rights being violated,” Samson Lardy Anyenini told Joy FM’s morning program host Kojo Yankson.

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