• Sat. Aug 6th, 2022

Why Ghanaian movies are not patronized – Emelia Brobbey reveals

Emelia Brobbey, a Ghanaian actress and television presenter, has highlighted why some people are hesitant to see Ghanaian films.

It’s no secret that Ghana’s film industry is struggling to stay afloat. Many individuals prefer foreign films than Ghanaian films. Actress Emelia has revealed why many people are hesitant to see Ghanaian films.

Emelia Brobbey, speaking on Ahosepe Xtra on Adom TV, claimed that the cinema industry lacks marketing and selling elements in the country, which explains the lack of interest.

“The issue is Ghanaians’ desire to purchase Ghanaian films. We don’t have marketing shops anymore, and we don’t have CD sales points, so you can’t get the movies to other vendors across the country to sell them,” she explained.

One of the issues is that the product is not evident in the marketing to encourage people to buy and watch. She continued.

The actress, who is now a singer, also compared Ghana’s film industry to those of other African countries. She admits that she cannot claim that Ghana is in the lead, but she believes the industry players are doing their best.

“No one has taken our movies away from us; we are still making them; it’s just that the way work was expanding in demand three to four years ago isn’t the same as it is now,” she explained. “But no one has taken the movie industry away from us; we are still working in it.”

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