• Thu. Jun 23rd, 2022

E-levy is not the problem, gov’t must drop the ‘dictatorial, tyrannical’ majority rule mindset – Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has told President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo that the Ghanaian people are tired of the country’s authoritarian, totalitarian majority rule.

This was said by Mr Mahama during a meeting with clergy on the E-levy policy proposal in the 2022 budget statement.

The National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) presidential candidate for 2020 stated that the E-levy idea is not the issue. Rather, it is the government’s attitude and behavior of constantly trying to bulldoze its way out without taking into account the concerns of the people.

He urged the administration to abandon its arrogant and stubborn attitude.

“Once you grasp the nuances of our worries, you’ll see where we’re coming from.” I believe that this meeting is timely, and that hearing from all viewpoints is beneficial.

“By the time you’ve heard everything we’ve got to say, you’ll understand the situation is far bigger than you think.” That is why I have brought along a few members of Parliament. That fight was a fight for democracy , there is no way a speaker can sit in the chair, relinquish the chair, let somebody else come and seat and take a vote in something that he has presided over.

“The constitution is explicit, you take a voice vote, I have it, someone challenges it, that implies we disagree with your choice, so you must sit in the chair and make a division,” says the speaker.

“It was thought that our MPs should sit quietly and allow this unconstitutionality to pass; nevertheless, this will not happen.” Mr Mahama continued, “I am delighted that that rowdy situation has woken your consciences that you must intervene because there is a lot going on in this nation that if we don’t intervene will harm our democracy.”

“Dialogue comes from the ruling party,” he continued, “when we are in opposition, we have nothing.” If the ruling party invites us to sit down and talk, we will certainly do so. Why, if you’re bringing something like E-levy before parliament, was there no discussion beforehand? You only say come and let us talk after you’ve introduced it and there’s a pushback. When you set your 1.75 percent and then say, “There is a pushback, the country is pushing back, the Minority is pushing back,” you come back and say, “Let us debate,” and then you say, “I have reduced it to 1.5 percent.” It’s as if we’re bargaining in Makola.

“The e-levy is not the issue. The e-levy is a symptom of what has been going on for the last four years: the government believes it can ride roughshod over everyone and take whatever decisions it wants, bring anything into parliament, do whatever it wants, and pass whatever decisions it wants without having to consult anyone because we have 169 seats. As a result, the current 137-137 seats are an indication of retreat. So the government needs to get off its high horse and recognize that the Ghanaian people are sick of the oppressive, dictatorial majority rule they have.”

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