• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

Ghana is expensive, how can one afford $200K house with the kind of salary they earn? – Michael Blackson

Ghana, according to Ghanaian-American comedian Michael Blackson, is an extremely costly country to live in.

In an interview with Joy News, the comedian bemoaned the high cost of living in Ghana in comparison to the average salary.

He singled out the cost of housing, asking how dwellings can be so expensive in a nation like Ghana, where the average salary is so low.

When he went to buy a house for his mother, the comic was astonished to learn the pricing.

Michael Blackson noted that while he can afford the $200,000 mentioned by certain home owners, the average Ghanaian cannot.

He emphasized that even a $50,000 house is too expensive for the average Ghanaian to purchase.

On the same subject, he noted that while the situation has improved in the last decade, he urged Ghanaians who have settled abroad to return and invest in the country so that more jobs are available to the common Ghanaian.

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