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I’ve made over $1 million from my Ameno Ampiano Remix – Nektunez


Feb 17, 2022 ,

Noble, better known as Nektunez, is a Ghanaian singer and composer based in Atlanta who has amassed a sizable fortune because to his remix of the classic song “Ameno Ampiano.”

The beatmaker revealed the amount of money he earned from his remix song ‘Ameno Amapiano.’

When asked how much money he made off the song, he said it was roughly $1 million.

While some people complain that streaming isn’t profitable, that isn’t the case with him.

Nektunez shared some pointers for these musicians to consider when writing their tunes.

He also mentioned that he had extra ammunition in his weapon, which will help him stay relevant.

The Ghanaian musician and producer, who now resides in the United States, also spoke about his marketing techniques.

Watch the entire interview in the video below.

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