• Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

I have employed people from Volta Region than any Voltarian Businessman, Apart from Togbe Afede – Ken Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, an Assin Central Member of Parliament, has stated that he is the second businessman in Ghana to employ more Voltarians after Togbe Afede.

According to him, there is a misconception that he despises people from the Volta Region as a result of past comments, but this is not the truth.

Kennedy Agyapong stated that his words were not tribalistic in the way that Radio Gold made them out to be in order to have him jailed.

People are talking about treason and Kennedy Agyapong on social media, according to what I’ve observed. Radio Gold misconstrued what I stated on purpose, and they made a mistake by arresting me. There was nothing on the audio that suggested people should murder ewes when it was played in court. Where are Koku Anyidoho and those who pushed for my arrest and imprisonment today?

For the record, if you remove Togbe Afede, I employ more Voltarians than any other Voltarian in the country. “I challenge them to visit my places and check how many ewes there are,” he remarked.

He explained that ewes were chosen because they are skilled artisans and work hard.

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