• Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Samuel Atta Mills to majority; Why do You Want To Cry More Than The Bereaved ?

The four Majority Members of Parliament, according to Samuel Atta Mills, brother of Ghana’s late former President John Evans Atta Mills, want to cry more than the grieving.

The Honorable Member of Parliament further stated that he had lost respect for Annoh Dompreh, the Majority Chief Whip.

He argues that the four legislators’ move irritates him and is a poor decision.

“It’s a bad situation,” Komenda Edina MP stated. Why are they attempting to cry harder than bereaved people?”

“Annoh Dompreh is someone I’ve admired for a long time, and he shouldn’t force me to change my viewpoint.” Every year, they make a point of reminding us of the pain we went through after our brother died,” he expressed his sympathy.

“You Annoh Dompreh, you care more about Atta Mills than Hon. J.B Danqauh’s murder in his house?” he said. Have you looked into it? If you’re going to do politics, don’t bring up our family problems.”

You Want To Cry More Than The Bereaved

“Annor Dompreh, you sit at the front desk in Parliament while people in Ghana suffer,” he continued. This is what you’re thinking about while teachers go on strike.”


Samuel Attah Mills was baffled as to why the New Patriotic Party was resurrecting old wounds year after year.

Annoh Dompreh, according to Samuel Atta Mills, must focus on the current state of affairs in the country.

Assist the administration in satisfying the needs of the people who are suffering.

Samuel Atta Mills further claimed that the Mills family will not support any Parliamentary investigation.

The honorable member went on to say that they have the autopsy report from the 37 Military Hospital and are delighted with it.

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