• Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

There Will Be War If I Don’t Win Grammy – Singer Portable Claims

We’re curious as to why singer Portable says that if he doesn’t win a Grammy soon, it’ll be war, and what kind of song he’s seeking to win a Grammy with.

Portable is a fast-rising Nigerian musician who is loved for how humorous and provocative he is on the internet, and a recent post allegedly from him shows that he is hoping to win a Grammy for Nigeria very soon, and that if he doesn’t, there would be war.

Every artist wants to be acknowledged by the recording academy for their talents and hard work since it puts them on the map, and it’s not a terrible thing that Portable, like every other artist, wants to win a Grammy.

When reality sets in, you have to wonder what type of music he’s using to win a Grammy and what exceptional thing he’s done that a great artist who has never won a Grammy hasn’t done that will get the recording academy to notice him.

Winning a Grammy isn’t as simple as we think because there’s a lot that goes into being chosen, voted for, and then winning the award, and if Portable wants to win a Grammy for Nigeria, he’ll have to put in more work than he is right now before he can claim there would be war if he doesn’t win.

Screenshot below;

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