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UEW-UTAG rejects NEC’s decision to call off strike


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The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) branch at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has become the first member of the tertiary teachers’ union to reject the National Executive Committee’s decision on Monday (NEC).

UTAG’s NEC voted to postpone the strike for two weeks at an emergency meeting on the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) campus in order to begin discussions for better working conditions.

The CEOs, on the other hand, left it up to their members at the 15 public institutions to decide whether to support them or not.

The UEW branch voted against the decision on Tuesday, February 22.

According to Branch President Dr. Pascal Kpodo, his members made the choice as a result of the government’s previous stance on such accords.

He believes the government is untrustworthy, and the workers will continue to strike until a deal is reached.

“The reason we are rejecting the ruling has nothing to do with UTAG NEC,” said Dr. Kpodo.

“Rather, it has to do with the government’s treatment of our memorandum of understanding during the period,” he stated on TV3’s News 360 on Tuesday, February 22.

“At this point, the members have lost faith in the government’s ability to deliver.”

He claimed that because all chapters were given five days to vote on the decision by the NEC, his branch had the authority to reject it.

He emphasized that the member chapters make decisions as the negotiations continue through Friday, March 4.

“However, our members are skeptical of that happening; as a result, as far as the members are concerned, we will prefer to remain on strike until they deliver on their promises.”

Meanwhile, after the decision of UTAG’s national executives, some university administrations have declared the resumption of their academic calendars.

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