• Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

GHC30k in royalties an insult to my music career- Shatta blast GHAMRO

Shatta Wale has blasted the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) for ‘insulting’ his profession after news came that the Melissa hitmaker is the first Ghanaian musician to collect a large sum of money in royalties from GHAMRO.

“30K is an insult to my entire music career,” Shatta Wale remarked on Twitter recently.

“But this one, as usual Ghana artiste will sit down and won’t voice out!!,” he tweeted, continuing his demand for his fellow artists to be outspoken enough to change the narrative. It’s your turn, Ego!!! I came out before most of your so-called artists, so start grieving for them, because the truth is, we’re all broke here.”


Shatta Wale collected massive royalties in 2021, according to Rex Omar, the former Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO).

The ‘Dancehall King’ hitmaker allegedly had over 30,000 in royalties, according to him. GHAMRO has never paid away such a large sum of money, according to him.
Rex Omar said Shatta Wale has not gotten his money since his team failed to provide the necessary account details on Tuesday morning on national channel GTV.

“In December, we did a distribution, and Shatta Wale was the best earner.” We requested that his management come and provide us with his account information so that we could send the money to him. We don’t know who should pay because we don’t have his contact information.”

“Either his management or he, himself, comes for the check or gives us account details so that we can deposit the money into his account, and he hasn’t done that,” he informed Kafui Dey, the show’s host.
Rex Omar’s remark comes only days after Shatta Wale bemoaned the Ghana Music Rights Organisation’s (GHAMRO) refusal to pay him royalties.

He claims that the money he makes from music comes from streaming platforms, events, and international royalty collection authorities with which he is affiliated.

“Our work as musicians or let’s say creatives is sad in Ghana,” Shatta Wale said on Twitter on Thursday, “but the players of the game will tell you they can’t speak (because) they don’t want people to insult them.” I’m hungry, and I want everyone to mock me… Where are my royalties? I’m hungry. GHANA!!!(sic)”

Rex Omar, on the other hand, claims that GHAMRO has contacted Shatta Wale’s team on multiple times to guarantee that he receives his royalties, but that their efforts have generated no results.

He stated that the money would remain in his possession as long as it belonged to Shatta Wale.

“GHAMRO hasn’t been performing up to par, to say, 100 percent of the time, but it’s a work in progress.” So, Shatta, your money is still at GHAMRO; bring your details so they can give it to you, and then start hyping GHAMRO so it can do a lot for you,” Rex Omar stated.

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