• Fri. Aug 5th, 2022

It’s not possible to evacuate Ghanaians from Ukraine, airspace has been shut – Honorary Consul to Ukraine

Following the Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Ghanaian Honorary Consul to Ukraine, Dr. Albert Kitcher, has stated that it is currently impossible to remove Ghanaian students and Ghanaians in general from Ukraine.

According to him, Ukraine’s airspace has been closed, making aviation travel impossible.

Alternatively, he continued, Ghanaians residing near the Russian border will have to relocate to Ukraine, where they will be safer.

“The Ghanaian community is safe despite the early morning situation we all woke up to,” Dr. Kitcher remarked on TV3’s midday news on Thursday, February 24. There was a state of emergency issued as of last night, and I sent messages to them as a result.

“So, I’ll say that our folks are safe, and I’ve spoken with a few of them as recently as this morning.”

“Where we are now, even if we have everything, we cannot flee since Ukraine’s airspace is currently closed,” he added. What we can do is relocate or evacuate individuals to a safer location if we detect any regions that prove to be troublesome or where people would be susceptible.

“We had everything planned since we knew this would happen, so the Mission and the Ministry were already working on the logistics of getting the students out.”

“If there is to be an evacuation, it will be to a safer location.” We’re looking at the situation right now, and if a location is that close to the Russian border, we’ll urge people to leave. I also received a message from Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which advised people to remain calm.”

Despite the fact that Ghanaian students in Ukraine have stated that they are safe in the interim, they have requested that the Ghanaian government prioritize evacuating them from the nation owing to the Russian issue.

“Absolutely, we are all safe as we speak now,” Dr Phillip Bobie Ansah, President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) Ukraine Chapter, told TV3’s Komla Adom on the Midday News on Thursday February 24.

“We have heard reactions from the embassies,” he added of the call for them to be evacuated.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s government has expressed concern over their safety in the aftermath of the situation.

“The Government of Ghana is gravely concerned about the security and safety of our over 1000 students and other Ghanaians in Ukraine,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration said in a series of tweets, “and has asked them to shelter in place in their homes or in government places of shelter, while we engage the authorities, our relevant diplomatic missions, and our honorary consul on further measures.”

Russian soldiers have launched a significant military offensive on Ukraine, with explosions reported near key cities across the country.

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